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The UnDiet Recipes is one of the few sources on or off the Internet for preparing properly combined meals using whole foods. The recipes you find here will give you satisfying meals as well as continue to teach you the mechanics of food combining. If this is your first time at the Recipe Index  I strongly suggest that you print out Protein Substitutes , Misc. Substitutes , and Starch Substitutes which you can use to convert your own favorite recipes to the UnDiet principles.

You may find that some of these recipes seem to violate the commonly known principles of food combining, but I assure you that I'm simply utilizing some of the more complex food combinations allowed. I've written out many of my recipes just how I cook them, which is usually without measuring cups or measuring spoons. I prefer to add a "handful" of this, and a "couple of glugs" of that. This allows your cooking experience to be less rigid, more free-flowing and creative, and as an added bonus there are less dishes to wash!

If you're a vegetarian you can follow the UnDiet plan without including meat, poultry, fish, or dairy in your meals. Click on over to the Vegetarian Recipe Index which contains recipes and information for vegetarians, vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians ...

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Nutty Betty
Cocoa Milk
Cream Soda
Fruity Yogurt
Fruit Leather
Peanut Cream (sandwich filling)
Mexican Pizzas
Neutral Desserts
Parmesan Zucchini Fingers
Sesame Muffins
Salsa Rollups
The UnDiet Lunchbox
Thousand Island Dressing


All recipes have vegetarian versions.
substitutes for converting recipes
Country Chicken Casserole
Quick Lasagna
Giant Chicken Poppers
Chicken Cannelloni
Parmesan Cheese Crisps
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Olive Pesto Chicken
Creamy Red Pepper Soup
Onion Popovers
New 'awlins Sausage Salad
Rome Zucchini Salad
Salmon Mousse
Chicken Marbella
Brie Bites
Dilled Egg Salad
Sesame Crispies
Fruity Yogurt
Pesto "Cheese"cake
Versatile Ground Meat Mix
Fennel Crusted Sea Bass (with carb counts)
Protein Breads (with carb counts)
Cheddar Crisps
Protein Salads
Tuna Puff Dinner (menu)
Atkins New Diet Cookbook Atkins New Diet Cookbook 
Atkins Quick and Easy Cookbook Atkins Quick & Easy Cookbook
diet recipes Fit For Life Kitchen (cookbook)
Vegetarian Fit For Life cookbook Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Blue Waldorf Salad
Blue Walnut Salad
Yogurt Dill Dressing
Citrus Mint Dressing
Yogurt Avocado Dressing
Spiked Cuke & Tomato Salad
Pesto Cottage Cheese Salad Dressing
New 'awlins Sausage Salad
Rome Zucchini Salad
Parsley Olive Pistou
Turkish Spiced Tomato Soup
Green Chicken Salad
Stacked Sandwich (scroll to Protein section)
Protein Salads
Veggie Sandwiches
Veggie Dips
Raw Foods cookbook  Raw Foods (cookbook)
The Blending Book Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Stuffed Tomatoes
Oven Dried Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce
All Vegetable Chili
Tortilla Soup
Celery Tomato Soup
Zucchini-Red Pepper Tian
Broccoli with Dried Tomato
Beet & Roquefort Salad
Broiled Tofu with Onion Sauce
Perfectly Neutral Mashed "Potatoes"
Simply Vegetables: sides, soups, sauces
Soup Alive! cookbook   Soup Alive! (cookbook)
The Blending Book Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Cream Soda
Coffee Drinks
diet recipes Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Whether it's Italian, Chinese, fast food ...
you can eat out , stay on your UnDiet,
and enjoy your meal!

Fast Food Travel Card

UnDiet-Compatible Foods On-Line


substitutes for converting recipes
Coconut Pumpkin Custard
Tomato Onion Rice
Fresh Vegetable Pasta
Lowfat Potato Salad
Ranch-Style Beans
Potato Crisps
Quick Carrot Risotto
Quick Black Bean Soup
Soba Noodle Stir-Fry
Red Lentil Soup
Carriba Beans & Rice
Rosemary Pecan Spread
Curry Cashew Spread
Potato Puffs
Sesame Crispies
Lemon Rice
Crispy Potato Sticks
Mock Egg Salad
Sloppy Joe Dinner (menu)
tofu sandwich spreads
Fit For Life Kitchen Fit For Life Kitchen (cookbook)
Vegetarian Fit For Life Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Thanksgiving Dinner


Plum Sauce
Honey Carob Syrup
Pineapple Kick
Pumpkin Shake
Pecan Applesauce
Nutty Betty
Living Apple Pie
Yogurt Pesto Dip
Fruit Shakes
Fruit Sauces
Fruit Puddings
The Blending Book The Blending Book (cookbook)
Fit For Life Kitchen Fit For Life Kitchen (cookbook)
Vegetarian Fit For Life Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


Rosemary Pecan Spread
Curry Cashew Spread
Potato Puffs
Salmon Mousse
Finger Sandwiches
Yogurt Pesto Dip
Camembert & Walnut Pate
Salsa Pinwheels
Brie Pinwheels
The Blending Book Vegetarian Fit For Life (cookbook)


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Camping Menu 1
Camping Menu 2


Paska with Fresh Berries
Nutty Betty
Living Apple Pie
Dessert Sauces
Gelatin Desserts

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