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Fruit Leather

This is a an after school project that produces a great after school snack.

Line one or more framed screens with cellophane. Tape cellophane in place.

Puree your choice of Fruit. Any Fruit will work well except citrus or other very juicy Fruits. If you'd like the flavor of these Fruits in your Fruit leather, puree them separately and use the juicy puree to help puree another Fruit. For instance, use orange puree to help puree bananas. This will give you a rich and creamy orange flavored Fruit leather.

Pour Fruit puree onto cellophane-lined screen.

Set up an outdoor dehydrater by placing screen(s) over a shallow box filled with sand (which will help to collect moisture) so that there is space between the sand and the screen. Use spacers (empty thread spools make good spacers) if needed to create space. Stack screens with spacers to separate and create air space between screens. Place box over entire setup and allow to dehydrate until pliable and leathery.

The best part of making your own Fruit leathers is being able to come up with your own creations. Some ideas for things to add to the pureed Fruit are:

One bonus of Fruit leather is that you can take it on a camping trip to make fresh Fruit juice. Add five parts filtered water to one part chopped Fruit leather. Allow to dissolve overnight. I like to use this to make Fruit milk. Use the same ratio of five to one, but use nondairy milk in place of the water.




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