The UnDiet Substitutes




Baked Goods


Substitute cocoa powder and a little butter, or unsweetened chocolate. Adjust the sweetener to taste.


These substitutions don't work well for cookies, but are great for all other baked goods.

To reduce fat you can substitute liquid egg, 1/4 cup = 1 egg Three egg yolks = one whole egg.

3 tablespoons pureed or well mashed tofu for each egg called for.


Replace white flour with 1/2 the amount of soy flour, so 1 cup of all purpose flour becomes 1/2 cup soy flour.

Replace 1/4 of the flour with ground nuts, seeds, or ground dried vegetables.

Replace white flour with sifted whole grain flour, using 1/4 less than the recipe calls for. Tip: oat flour has the lightest taste and color. .


Replace sugar with Stevia, Sucanat, honey, pure maple syrup, date or maple sugar.



. non-alcoholic beer


. roasted grain beverages decaf

cream instead of milk, half & half or non-dairy creamer

unrefined sugar instead of white sugar or sugar substitute.


sparkling water with fresh Fruit juice


dilute with water (the French do it), sparkling water if you must

Breading & Breadcrumbs

  • pork rinds
  • sesame seeds
  • nuts
  • soy flour
  • any mixture of the above
whole grain bread crumbs

whole grain flour

  • sesame seeds
  • nuts
  • soy flour
  • any mixture of the above

Crust for a Dessert

A crust can often be omitted or use one of these substitutes.

Pastry crust: soy flour pastry crust.

Protein Crepe with sweetener added.

whole wheat pastry

whole wheat tortilla or lavosh coated with butter and/or honey/maple syrup

Crumb Crust: sugar free whole grain  cookies or graham crackers

Crumb crust: ground nuts with a little soy flour. .

Crust for an Entree

A crust can often be omitted or use one of these substitutes.

Rice Crust: soy granules or finely chopped nuts. You may need to add extra moisture to hold the crust together, you can add water, softened or melted butter, broth.

Pastry Crust: Protein Crepes, or melt butter in an omelette pan, thinly coat bottom with egg and cook until done, or Soy Flour Crust.

whole wheat pastry crust

whole wheat tortillas

crumb crust: whole grains, ground nuts or seeds




American, Cheddar, Mozzarella or Jack Cheese

nondairy or real dairy cheese nondairy cheese .soy or almond cheese

condensed milk

cottage cheese

Mash firm tofu with a fork, add a little heavy cream.

cream cheese

nondairy cream cheese

farmers cheese/hoop cheese

Mix nondairy cream cheese & roughly mashed tofu.


soy or almond milk any nondairy milk soy or almond milk

ricotta cheese

. Same as cottage cheese.


. nondairy sour cream or nondairy yogurt creme fraiche or clabbered cream


Frozen egg substitute tastes great and is healthy. Make sure that you buy one with no additives.

Two egg whites for one whole egg, except in cookies.

One whole egg and two to three egg whites and you won't notice any difference in the taste.

1/4 cup well mashed tofu for each egg ...1/4 cup well mashed tofu for each egg


Roux Sauces

soy flour instead of white or wheat flour whole wheat or oat flour instead of white flour Add water  to heavy cream  to sub for milk or half & half or use soymilk.

Tomato Paste Tomato Sauce Tomato Pasta Sauce

Tomato Paste : Soak dried tomatoes in medium hot water for an hour - overnight. Puree using only enough of the soaking liquid to make a thick puree. Tip: For a shorter soaking time dice the tomatoes before adding water.

Tomato Sauce: add more liquid.

Pasta Sauce:Add broth, cream, olive oil or combo until sauce is desired consistency. (Stir in spices.) Allow flavors to meld for 15 - 30 minutes.

Add Dried Tomato Paste or sauce at the end of a recipe so the tomatoes don't cook. For a richer flavor add the tomato paste or sauce and let rest for 15 - 30 minutes. Reheat if necessary, taking care not to let it boil.

If it's impossible to add the tomatoes at the end use pureed roasted red bell peppers instead as they can be cooked.


. .. . .


tomatoes, yellow or orange bell pepper, fennel, celery .. . .


onion, celery, bell pepper .. . .


cauliflower, onion, fennel, jicima (yes it can be cooked!) .. . .


red bell pepper, yellow tomatoes (they're less acidic than red tomatoes) or Slow Cooked Tomatoes: place cored tomatoes cut in 8-10 wedges or chunks skin side down on a baking sheet lined with oiled foil. Bake at 115 degrees for 4-8 hours depending on how moist you want them.  Check every 60 minutes. Since these take so long to dry I make 2 full trays & freeze the excess.

winter squash

yellow or orange bell pepper, fennel, cauliflower .. . .


As I continue cooking, eating and generally enjoying food I'll be coming up with more substitutes. If you would like to be notified via e-mail when new substitutes are added just click on this e-mail link and type Update in the subject line. When you sign up for e-mail notification you will also be notified when I make any significant additions to this site, including new recipes.

If you would like information on a substitute that you don't see here go to Favorite Recipes , fill out and mail in the form there.

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