Forbidden Foods

The following foods break down in such a way as to boost your insulin level and lower your metabolism or are improper combinations with certain types of foods. Even though I've given you lists of Neutrals, Starchs and Proteins, I've still included some foods that can create problems when improperly combined because these are often an undetected problem. Items in bold green type are elaborated on for Step subscribers.


Boxed prepackaged foods



Canned  and jar foods






Birth control pills, and estrogen replacement therapies aggravate hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinism and overweight conditions. According to Dr. Atkins if you're on these medications, you would not be expected to do well with this or any other diet. In other words, you would be forced to choose between being slim and having normal blood sugar levels. Check with your doctor about finding a replacement that will allow you to reach both your health and weight goals.



Any sweeteners listed here are absolutely forbidden when following a high Protein diet. They can be used in any other type of  food combining plan but very ,very (VERY, VERY) sparingly.

Don't Alienate Your Family

If your family can't quite give up the little blue box (Kraft Mac and Cheese) and it's too tempting for you to have nearby, stash these items in an area outside of the kitchen or in a place that's difficult to get to such as in that hard to get to cupboard over the fridge or a shelf in the garage.

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