Produce Power

If your diet up to now has been a healthy one you should be able to do The UnDiet Produce Power plan without too much discomfort. If however, you're just starting to eat healthy I would suggest starting your UnDiet with a natural body cleanse.


Start the day with a glass of any of the beverages listed in the Beverages section below. From the time you wake up until noon, you'll eat nothing but fresh or frozen Fruit.

Check out the UnDiet Fruit recipes for some delicious alternatives to a simple bowl of Fruit.


Ten to twenty minutes before lunch have a large glass of water or choose from the beverages in the Beverages section below.

At least 70% of your meal should be raw vegetables or fresh Fruit. For some ideas that go beyond carrot and celery sticks check out Raw Veggies.

If you choose to have raw vegetables check out the UnDiet Vegetable Dip recipes.


Fresh fruit or raw vegetables.



Ten to twenty minutes before lunch have a large glass of water or choose from the beverages in the Beverages section below.

Make up a Fruit or vegetable salad, or if you need something warm for dinner:


Additional Guidelines

Stop eating two to three hours before you go to bed.

If you're using the Basic UnDiet plan it's a good idea to do Produce Power one day a week. If you've been on Protein Blast do Produce Power for three to five days as an internal cleanse.

Produce Power Recipes For Fast Weight Loss

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Step By Step

If you'd like help getting started with the UnDiet I'll e-mail you with a new UnDiet step each week, which will also provide you with tips, recipes utilizing that week's step, and encouragement to keep on following through with previous steps.

There's no charge to give the Step-By-Step E-Mail Program a try. When you request one month of FREE UnDiet Steps you'll also be added to the UnDiet Update list which will notify you when new recipes and info are added to this site.

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