Protein Blast

If you or a loved one are balking at the idea of dieting, or you just don't want to throw away all that meat and cheese in your refrigerator before starting your diet, you'll lose around a pound a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) on the Protein Blast.

It's also good  to know how to use Proteins to your best advantage as there's bound to be times when you don't have control over your food choices (dining out, on a cruise, at a dinner party) and following the Protein Blast guidelines will often be the best choice. If I had to choose between a dish that contained white rice and veggies and a dish that contained chicken and veggies, I'd choose the chicken dish. It's a healthier choice and one that will continue to move me towards my weight goal. You don't want to have any sugar, even unrefined sugar on a Protein Blast and you want to limit your consumption of Nutrasweet. So even if  you don't plan to use Protein Blast as your plan of choice you should read through it to be armed against the unforeseen.

First 7-14 Days

Try not to stay on Protein Blast any longer than two weeks. After one month many people stop losing weight.

Eliminate all complex carbohydrates (grains and legumes), Fruits, starches (potatoes, carrots, beets, corn, sweet potatoes, yams, and popcorn), caffeine, and all sugars  (honey, white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose, date sugar, maple syrup, Nutrasweet, aspartame ...) from your diet. Limit your vegetables to 10-20 grams of carbohydrates a day. Get yourself a Carbohydrate Counter as it is extremely important that you limit your carbs to 10-20 grams. What does that leave? Dairy, fats, meats. Don't worry about the calories you're consuming, DON'T COUNT THEM, EAT THEM! Don't be afraid, Protein Blast really does work. For full documentation of this program check out Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. While this is a great UnDiet plan, especially since you feel like you're cheating on your "diet", it's not the best lifetime plan.

Protein Blast is the only plan that must be followed to the letter. Small deviations like drinking regular coffee instead of decaf, eating just a little bit of sugar ... will sabatouge your metabolic response to the Proteins and fats you're eating and you will not lose weight.

Note: Dairy products are extremely damaging to a healthy digestive system. They contain casein which coats your intestines with a sticky gooey mass that eventually won't allow nutrients to be absorbed into your body or toxins to be efficiently eliminated. Eat them as sparingly as possible, and try not to eat them with other Proteins. Even though I warn you against dairy, during a Protein Blast sometimes you just need to have them, so don't worry about that, I just wanted to prepare you to forgo them when and if possible.


Best choice is distilled water , more info on distilled water. (It's not necessary to use distilled or filtered water to succeed with this plan, tap water is fine. The reason I suggest distilled water is that it will give you a head start on the detoxification process that you'll begin with the next stage of the UnDiet.) herbal teas, decaf black tea, decaf coffee (hot or cold) made from distilled water if possible. You may use whipping cream, in your tea or coffee, but not half and half or milk, and not more than six tablespoons of cream per day. Since I can't stand the taste of plain water I usually keep a pitcher of one of the following in the fridge: any Celestial Seasonings Zinger teas, or Good Earth decaf. Make sure to subtract the carbohydrates in your beverages from your daily allowance.

Day 8 or 15 through to your goal weight

Switch to the Basic UnDiet Plan or if you or your family need to ease into healthy foods like whole grains and pastas, you could go to the Family Plan .


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