Getting Started

Choose your UnDiet plan based on your previous eating habits, how much you like to cook, and your own personal food choices. Each plan (except Protein Binge) allows for deviations while still maintaining the fundamentals that will keep you on track. Obviously the closer you stay to the track the healthier you'll be and the quicker you'll lose all those unwanted pounds. But it's much better to be happy with what you're eating and be able to easily incorporate the plan you choose into your daily schedule. So start where you feel the most comfortable and phase into each successive stage or plan when you feel ready.

Start the first day of the rest of your life by going through your refrigerator, cupboards, and all your secret stashes looking for Forbidden Foods . Throw them away. You don't need them sitting there in your cupboard calling your name.

Or if you're like me and hate to waste anything, cook up a storm and invite a bunch of friends over for a backwards potluck. It's backwards because instead of everybody bringing something and ending up with a hodgepodge buffet, you're providing the hodgepodge. I don't call it a dinner party because none of the food "matches" - there could be a Mexican casserole, Italian pasta, lots of desserts ... Then package up all the leftovers and give them to your guests as they departed at the end of the evening.

Even after the "backwards potluck" I still had lots of forbidden food around, so I cooked up another storm and delivered meals to some single parent families in my church and neighborhood with a little note of encouragement for the great job they were doing. Oh well, that's what I did because I love to cook and hate to waste, you may just want to throw it all away, or donate it uncooked to a local food bank or a family who could use it.

Make sure to print out and read  through Forbidden Foods and the Food Pyramid. No need to go there now, you'll be led there by the "Next" links.

Several book titles are mentioned throughout these pages. They are each linked directly to the site where you can order them. If you choose to order them now, do so, then return to this site using the "Back" arrow of your browser to continue gathering UnDiet information. If you don't choose to order these books now, there's a series of Book Review pages towards the end of this site, which is also listed in the Home Page table of contents.

I've given each UnDiet Plan it's own page to make it easier to access and print out. I've written each plan out as it's own entity which means that certain sections may be repeated for each plan. I did this because I think it's irritating to be following a plan and have it say something like "follow previous plan steps 1-3, then ..." I'd much rather have each plan spelled out in it's entirety. Since many of you may be reading through each plan though, I've marked in bold the information that is new to make it easier to skim.

You'll find links throughout these pages which will lead you to more information about the linked item. It's not necessary to follow these links to achieve success with the UnDiet. The information is there for those who want to know "why?" If you're the studious type I'll be continually expanding this background information, so go ahead and bookmark this site and check back every now and then. Remember when you follow a link other than "Next Step", use your browser's "back" arrow to return to the page you were on.

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