Fat Blast

If you've been a yo-yo dieter or are extremely overweight your metabolism may be extremely resistant to losing weight. It's like your metabolism says, "Oh yeah. I've been through this before. You're going to lose some weight, but then you're just going to gain it back again. Well I'm not playing anymore. You're just not going to lose the weight this time."

To kick your diet off to a rousing good start spend three to five days on the Fat Blast Plan. Here's the plan. You can eat 1000 calories a day (same for men as for women) but it has to be the most fat-laden foods you can think of! Sound fun?  To make it easier we've divided the 1000 calories into blocks of 300 for each meal and one snack of 100. Here's some suggestions, each bullet represents one block, i.e. choose one bulletted item(s) from each time block.






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