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The other day a friend of mine called to ask me about the difference between Callanetics and Pilates. Since then we've been on an odyssey searching the southland (Southern Calfifornia) for Callanetics books and videos. They're impossible to find! So to the rescue! I was so happy to find the following videos and books at so that I could pass them on to my friend and to all you UnDieters.

I have to tell you that we didn't even look for Pilates books because I've had such incredible success with Callanetics. When I first started doing these exercises over ten years ago I had purchased a skirt that was too small for me, but I was going to diet my way into it. Well I didn't get around to dieting that week, but I did start doing the Callanetics from the book I had recently purchased. At the end of the week (actually only 5 days later) I was able to fit into that skirt! Wow! I was now a Callanetics enthusiast for life.

Over the years I've used other exercise methods and at one time was not exercising for over two years, yet I didn't gain back the saddlebags that Callanetics had rid me of. That's a successful exercise program!

Callanetics exercise videoCallanetics (video)

List Price: $9.98 / Your Price: $9.98 / Used Price: $6.98

The exercises in this video are difficult to do but easy to learn and once learned they are very low key. They are great to do when you're tired and sitting in front of the TV after a long day. Callanetics has the peacefulness and strength-building power of yoga without the spiritual tag-alongs.

Reviewer: Charangel from Providence, Rhode Island - "First of all, I hate exercise ... can't stick to anything and be consistent! These exercises are quite difficult at first, but the results are incredible and the key word is FAST! You SEE the results much quicker than any exercise or weightlifting. In 5 sessions, my stomach was much flatter, thighs tighter, and I could see muscles in my upper arms that I never knew were there. My husband even commented on how great I looked! I see the pictures of myself and can't believe it's me! My body is so much fitter and tighter than it's ever been. I no longer need the tape as I have basically memorized it, but use it now and then. I highly recommend this for smaller framed people (I'm 5 ft). It lengthens your muscles and tones without making you bulky. The accompanying book is a great way to review the whole program and the before and after pictures are amazing. If those pictures don't get you motivated, nothing will!"

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AM/PM Callanetics exercise videoAM/PM Callanetics (video)

List Price: $9.98 / Your Price: $9.98 / Used Price: $9.98
Callanetics - a program of nonimpact, deep-muscle exercises - has been resculpting bodies for decades. In this video Pinckney presents two 20-minute workouts designed for busy people. "You'll get energized in the morning, completely relaxed in the evening, and of course a great body 24 hours a day," Pinckney promises. She is assisted by a small group of people of varying ages and flexibility levels. If you're a Callanetics fan, here's a great way to divide your workout into two short, manageable parts.
A viewer from Lincoln, NE - "I tried other videos which did not work for me. I discovered CALLANETICS by chance and I LOVE it. The exercises REALLY work, after only one session I felt the results. It's amazing that with an exercise that seemed VERY easy to do my body responded as if I had been something much more active and elaborate! You learn to stretch and relax at the same time! It is SO PLEASURABLE that you feel like coming back for more because your body asks for it!
I have three videos: Callanetics, Super Callanetics and this AM/PM video and although I learned a lot with the first Callanetics, if you buy this one without seeing the others you will have no problem following it."
Reviewer: A viewer from Bloomington, IN, USA - "I've never seen such quick results. I feel better too. I salute Callan Pinckney for bringing "exercise" within everyone's reach. No excuses for not doing the exercises - 20 minutes in the morning and evening is possible for anyone. Go for it!"
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Super Callanetics strength training videoSuper Callanetics

List Price: $9.98 / Your Price: $9.98
Reviewer: Susan A. Lobdell from Champaign, IL - "I have done every kind of workout for years and this is the only one that truly sculpts the body. I am now 50 and have not done these tapes for about 5 years, but am going to go back to them knowing that they will work. The other great thing about this workout is that it is gentle and includes the most stretching of any video I have ever tried. If you did this into your 80's, you would still be in great shape!! I am surprised that the whole world hasn't caught on to this!!"
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Karen Voight: Streamline Fitness

Intermediate level toning and stretching.
Sculpt or relax - you choose. The first segment focuses on upper body, legs and buttocks; the second segment has calming ab and back exercises; the third portion is a yoga-inspired stretch session.
Space needs: small
Equipment needs: hand weights
Dixie from Phoenix, Arizona: The workout is well balanced from start to finish. The results will begin to show within weeks for those who use it regularly.
List Price: $14.95 ~ Your Price: $13.99
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Kathy Smith: Kickboxing Workout

Intermediate level aerobics/martial arts.
Kathy Smith teams up with karate champion Keith Cooke for this heart-pounding workout. Using powerful, true-form martial arts moves, Kickboxing Workout offers a great introduction for beginners, and a killer workout for the more seasoned. A special butt-blasting segment finishes off this total body-conditioning video.
Space needs: medium
Equipment needs: none
Laurie from Hinesville, Georgia
This is a great workout. Some simple moves and some more complicated. This allows a beginner to enjoy the tape and not become bored with it quickly.
Karen from Florida
This video sneaks up on you by making you feel that you haven't gotten a real workout, but then a few hours later, you begin to feel it - by the next day, you realize just how hard Kathy Smith has kicked your butt! Great video, although somewhat hard to keep up with at first.
List Price: $14.98
Your Price: $13.99
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Tae-Bo Workout (4 Pack) (1999)

Beginner-intermediate aerobics/martial arts.
Martial arts champion Billy Blanks leads you through kick-boxing moves for a fun, fast workout. This set includes an instructional video and a basic routine that will set your heart pounding and tone your legs and upper body.
Space needs: medium
Equipment needs: none
A viewer from Plano, TX USA
I agree with all the other editorials, but would like to add that as a man, I have been uncomfortable with doing aerobic workouts. Tae Bo is the first workout videos that I feel very comfortable doing. Since it is based in martial arts, sparring, etc..., I don't feel uncomfortable admitting to my friends that I work out to the video. I like that men can feel good about doing the workouts and couples can do them together.
List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $41.99
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Video Fitness is a thriving online community dedicated to helping each other make the most of a home exercise program. Members accomplish this by writing reviews of the exercise videos that they use regularly, and by sharing advice and opinions in the Reader Forum.

They don't sell videos, so their community members can be completely honest about whether a fitness video lives up to its claims. There's also a FREE download for a workout log program.

I invite you to use this website to navigate to when you make your book/music/video/software purchases. It's easy - just bookmark this page and click on any "Order This Title" link or use this customized search box. Even if you purchase products other than those reviewed here the UnDiet site will get referral credits which are used to review books & other items for this site.

Physical Fitness Games & Activities Kit

Mary Kotnour / Paperback 1990
Your Price: $28.95
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Outdoor Action Games For Elementary Children; Active Games And Academic Activities For Fun And Fitness

Foster, David R. / Paperback 02/1994
List Price: $27.95 / Your Price: $22.36
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Hooked On Fitness! Fun Physical Conditioning Games And Activities For Grades K-8

Harrison, James C. / Paperback 03/1996
Your Price: $28.50
More than 100 challenging games make fitness fun while promoting aerobic conditioning and upper body strength. Includes complete directions for each activity and features a fitness test for youngsters.
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Exercises for Airplanes: (And Other Confined Spaces)

Diamond, Janet / Paperback 1996
List Price: $8.95 / Your Price: $7.16
Exercise info
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Purify Your Body: Natural Remedies for Detoxing from 50 Everyday Situationsbook cover

Diamond, Nina L. / Paperback 1997
Organized by 50 situations - including illness, overeating, jet lag, menstruation, and unhealthy relationships - that lead to toxins in the body, this lively, informative guide is filled with inexpensive, quick, and painless ways to restore the body's optimal balance by ridding it of toxins.
Your Price: $14.00
Recipes, weight loss, detoxification
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free weight workout bookFree Weight Workouts (Home Gym Fitness)

Kuntzleman, Charles T., Dr. / Paperback 04/1985
Your Price: $9.75
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