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  Weight Loss Tools & Resources many of you have asked where to get this all natural herbal energizer & fat burner, which also reduces cravings & accelerates weight loss. Kathleane says: "This product really does dampen my food cravings. I use it when my hormones are raging and I can't stop eating." Detailed product info  | Order


 Weight Loss Tools & Resources
     The Weight Loss Index provides a directory of weight loss, diet, fitness, supplements, and support links for successful weight loss!
    Weight Loss Connection (Guide to Weight Loss, Diet, Fitness & Health) offers weight loss support, diet and fitness plans, motivation, tips, articles and more! FREE Personal Weight Analysis. If you want a simple eating plan check out their Diet Plans section then plug your favorite recipes into the plan.
Tried & True Fitness is a comprehensive site carrying: articles, Exercise Guide, Healthy Recipes, Calorie Calculators, Free Tools you can download for free or for trial versions.

Aim To Be Healthy  Health and Fitness Supplies: Vitamins, food supplements, natural herbs, weight control, diet, nutrition, exercise, and other energy and vitality products.

Global Health and Fitness has a gallery of weight loss articles as well as these free weight loss tools:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Protein Calculator
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Fat Calculator
  • Carbohydrate Calculator

Always4Free - hey, why pay when you can get it for free? This is the link to the Health & Beauty page.

23 Fitness Downloads These software downloads can help you manage your diet and fitness schedule, as well as monitor health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.

For New Step Subscribers: The UnDiet is ringing in the new year by giving you a 6 month subscription to the Step By Step E-Mail Program when you purchase a book through the UnDiet Bookstore .  Receive an entire year of Steps when you purchase 2 or more books.To receive your free Step subscription, after making your purchases forward your invoice to and type "Book Purchase" in the Subject line. This offer is available to new subscribers only.

Download these shareware demos . They'll be useful to your weight loss progress, and give you a toy to inject some fun into your UnDiet. I've found that weight-tracking software kept in conjunction with a food and exercise diary has helped immensely in determining just what I can and cannot get away with. For instance, it was this tool that helped me to figure out that too much sugar (even unrefined sugar and aspartame) will stall my weight loss.

Vita-Master ™  Easy access to alternative, wellness, and nutritional information from hundreds of sources. This software database has won several awards for its full powered design that enables you to collect and track your own information as well! There's a free demo download so you can "try before you buy".

Weight Whiz  prompts you for a daily weight entry. This data can then be graphed over a specified period of time to show long-term or short-term trends.

Don't have the time or money to get together with a personal trainer? These software programs will help to construct, motivate, instruct, and track your exercise program.

Sante is an interactive program that tracks diet, exercise, and health. Enter your personal details, and Sante will come up with a specific, detailed recommendation for how you can attain your specific goals, whether they be to lose pounds or bulk up.

Health-RunR offers diet, exercise, and related behavioral support tools for weight loss, maintenance, and gain. It also maximizes competitive fitness and health. It will generate and record diet, fitness, and sports-training programs ideal for the individual user. It provides complete diet, nutrition, and exercise support for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, AIDS, aging, pregnancy, occupational injuries, food allergies, and more. Health-RunR tracks calorie burn off rates and records and analyzes intake of food, alcohol, water, coffee, and tea. It also tracks prescriptions, medications, herbs, and vitamins.


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