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In an Internet culture where link posting is pitifully indiscriminate The UnDiet wants you to know that the links on this page are carefully researched and only posted if deemed to be helpful or otherwise of interest to you, the discerning UnDieter. We routinely decline to trade links with sites seeking to post their links when we find that their site does not meet our specific requirements.

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  Kitchen Aids currently has 13 BARGAIN OUTLET DEPARTMENTS with GREAT deals in all of them!

88x31  Hickory Farms has some of the best tasting cheeses and meats I've had recently. Take advantage of their free shipping to experiment with some new flavors or rediscover old favorites. Send a fruit gift basket to a dieing friend or a beef and cheese basket to a friend on a high protein diet. Get 50% off in the Gourmet Pantry Closeout Sale!

Publishers Pipeline is a discount/rebate online store with prices you won't believe. We here at the UnDiet have made many purchases from this on-line rebate store and have received every rebate, even the two whose paperwork we forgot to send in. Paul Jacobson responded to our phone call and processed the rebate promptly. We were impressed!

    Fat Mat absorbs oil from French fries, bacon, fried chicken ... Just place the cooked food on the Fat Mat and it soaks the grease away. Made of 100% polypropylene with an outer layer of Dacron, reusable and washable, 17-1/2" x 12", $6.50. 1-800-866-6662 and ask for Dept. B010N. This product is endorsed and guaranteed by Women's Day magazine.

Culinary Parts- replace broken or lost parts for your kitchen appliances.

Ove Glove Oven Mitt - As Seen on TV

   Free Kitchen Stuff
  ... offers more than 20,000 ethnic food products. Also recipes for light versions of many favorite ethnic dishes.
Use this search engine to find the recipe you're looking for on the Internet.

TIP: type the word "recipe" after your search criteria, i.e. "chicken recipe" instead of just "chicken". border
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Free Weight Loss Resources TONS of free low fat recipes, a GIANT exercise guide, weight loss programs, information and much much more!

Cooking By Numbers allows you to choose your recipes according to the ingredients you have on hand. These recipes are quick and easy and you can easily make the UnDiet substitutions. If you don't want to make any substitutions just check items that are compatible. They also have basic cooking lessons that are well worth your time when you're unsure how to do something.

The Cook's Thesaurus suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients, including low-calorie and low-fat alternatives for dieters, inexpensive substitutes for gourmets on a budget, and innovative replacements for hard-to-find ethnic ingredients.

Grow Your Own Sprouts & Greens answers to questions you didn't even know you had!

High Speed Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes from Whole Foods Suma. All these recipes are designed to be quick to cook & delicious to eat. Many are open to variation & experimentation.

Nature's Flavors great candy & other dessert recipes. Not all are UnDiet compatible, but you can either skip those or make substitutions.

The Raw Gourmet posts FREE recipes which change regularly as well as a FREE seven part course chock full of good info & recipes which I highly recommend.

Tofurky very good & non-traditional recipes for tempeh.

Make Your Own Seasoning Mixes I had already started compiling recipes for seasoning mixes since they're such a life-saver on an end-of-the-rope kind of day, but they're expensive & often come with an unhealthy dose of chemicals & sugars. When I came across this page though it was clear that I was just reinventing the meal, I mean wheel. So go to this page, print out the mixes you want, then come back to the UnDiet site for recipes to use your seasoning mixes in. It's not up yet but I'm working on a series of pages using seasoning mixes for super-quick meals.

Dry soup mix recipes are great for gifts or to make now to cover days you don't want to have to do anything more in the kitchen other than what's absolutely necessary.

Vegan & vegetarian recipes - all uncooked! These recipes aren't all properly combined but still well worth checking out, especially if you're getting tired of green salads and veggie sticks to fulfill your 50% - 75% living foods requirement. I really love these recipes when I'm not feeling well or it's a cold and rainy day. Those are the kind of days when a green salad doesn't encourage feelings of general goodwill and the conviction that all's right with the world.

Bread machine recipes - you'll need to make some substitutions but this is still a great resource with lots of whole grain recipes.


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