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In an Internet culture where link posting is pitifully indiscriminate The UnDiet wants you to know that the links on this page are carefully researched and only posted if deemed to be helpful or otherwise of interest to you, the discerning UnDieter. We routinely decline to trade links with sites seeking to post their links when we find that their site does not meet our specific requirements.

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  Food: available on-line
Banner 10000065  Green Marketplace serves up quick, healthy and delicious prepackaged vegetarian snacks, entrees and side dishes, spices, dips and condiments. They carry popular brands such as Annie's, Road's End and more. They also have great kits that are great fun to do with your kids. Check out the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit and Make Your Own Gummies Kit. Herbs, Foods, Spices, Coffees & Teas

Kalyx has a large selection of quality bulk herbs, foods, spices, coffees, teas and aromatherapy products.

Click here to save 120 x 60 static Peapod offers you the very freshest produce, bakery goods and more - all delivered straight to your door. Schedule your delivery for when it’s convenient for you. And relax, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee you won't have to settle for moldy grapes or mushy avocados. Peapod delivers in the following areas only: Boston; Long Island; Fairfield County, CT; Chicago; Fairfax, VA; Montgomery County, MD; and Washington, D.C.
Click here for $20 off your purchase of $50 or more!

The ultimate in gourmet rice, grains and beans! Indian Harvest has the finest rice, grains and beans available to chefs - and now available to consumers! Their gourmet offerings include soups, salads, olive oil, chutneys, cookbooks, kitchenware, and samplers.

Save up to $1000 on groceries - GUARANTEED!   Coupon Clearinghouse find coupons for thousands of food and household items.

Shop the World. Ethnic Grocer offers more than 20,000 ethnic food products. Also recipes for light versions of many favorite ethnic dishes. for a limited time they're giving all UnDieters free shipping! Free shipping on all first time orders and orders of $30 or more! SPECIALS: All global food gift kits are on sale now for more than 50% off!

Dixie Diner Getting back to the school routine can leave less time to prepare healthy and UnDiet conscious meals and this incredible site is packed full of completely healthy, and meat-free prepackaged meals. You'll be amazed at what you can buy here! Take a cruise through the products pages just to experience a drop-your-jaw moment. One word of caution: they have a product called Trutina which says it has no bitter taste, and sorry to say - it's not true. Check out the review below for Soy Rocks.
Soy Rocks: taste great, although have that slightly bitter taste from the Trutina sweetener (similar taste to Sweet 'N Low). Although I've found that when I use these rocks with other foods the bitter taste is hidden. For instance I stirred them into a pudding and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next day I had a delicious fudgy cake - the Soy Rocks had absorbed the moisture from the pudding.

Efoodpantry is your one-stop shop for over 500 delicious specialty foods. In their pantries you'll find a wide variety of unique, mouth-watering foods that meet your specific dietary needs. Whether you're looking for sugar-free foods to manage diabetes, low-sodium or low-fat foods as part of your diet, or are interested in the health benefits of soy and organic foods, is your source!

Sun Organic Farm or call 1-888-969-9888. Make sure to ask for their catalog; they carry many wonderful organic & raw food items.;

Prime Favorites organic products with high quality ingredients. Although the cakes & cookies are not free of refined sugar. They have an excellent selection of dressings, sauces, spice blends, latte tea, peanut butter, & soy nuts; all at good prices. You can even order organic cheeses at prices lower than a supermarket (at least lower than my supermarket).

The Grain & Salt Society finally a source for grain-sweetened chocolate chips! They're more expensive than the health food store, but when I'm in a remote area & want to make chocolate chip cookies it's worth it. They also have a wide variety of other hard-to-find ingredients. Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

Other Food Products Soymage Parmesan Cheese Alternative, Veggie Gravy Mixes, Ethnic Entrees, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Egg & Cheese Substitutes, Milk Alternatives (soy-free), Vegetarian Broth & Gravy Mixes, Ethnic Entrees, Entree & Side Dish Mixes (Rice & Pasta, Stuffed Potatoes, Couscous, Polenta - Dinner-Size & Single Serving Cups), Soup Mixes (Dinner-Size & Single Serving Cups), Dried Mushrooms, Sodium-Free Sauces, Salad Dressings, Anchovy-Free Worchestershire Sauce, Organic Baking Mixes, Hot Cereals, Organic Chocolate, Cookie & Pudding Mixes, Broccoli Sprout Seeds & Sprouting Kits, Mori-Nu Tofu Instant Pudding & Pie Mixes. They're working on setting up an on-line shopping cart, but until then you can go to the site to compile your shopping list, then call 1-800-695-2241 to order.

La Tortilla whole wheat, oat-fiber, fat-free tortilla that is only 3 carbs per tortilla (if you care about such things). You can order these on-line (or call 1-800-446-1516) by the case (they do freeze well) or most supermarkets carry this brand. If you've tried regular white flour fat-free tortillas & didn't like them, try these. They taste much better.

No Soy for the soybean challenged, i.e. those allergic to soybeans. Info, products, discounts.

Miss Roben's foods for those allergic to wheat, gluten, & dairy; also many egg-free foods. Read ingredient lists carefully; many contain white rice powder (an UnDiet no-no), cornstarch (which I caution you to use infrequently) & some do contain dairy. Their product list is too extensive to go through here but I did go over the bread products & the Potato Bread Mix & Mock Rye Bread are good UnDiet breads. All the pastas except for those with sauces are good choices. They also have a Soft Pretzel Mix (under Pizza Pie Crust & More) that looks terrific! All of the cookie mixes contain refined sugar - alas, it isn't a perfect world.


    Kalyx Coffee - fresh roasted organic beans. Gourmet Traditional and Herbal Teas

    Coffee and Tea Cookbooks at Books For Cooks.

Starbucks if you're going to drink coffee (decaf, of course) you might as well make it a cup that makes you sorry to get to the last sip.

Bengal Bay's online store has a large selection of herbal teas, many of which I've never seen before but which I can't wait to try (China Jasmine, Bengal Spice, Blackberry Sage, Ginger Pear, Gingerman, Mango PassionFruit ...) Check out their organic tea selection also.

    black and herb teas eDietShop carries a large selection of sugar-free products including:
  • cake and baking mixes
  • Calorie Control brand drinks (everything from the usual “Lemonade – Ice Tea” to the ya gotta try “Raspberry Kiwi and Pina Colada”)
  • gourmet sugar-free Gift Basketse
  • fine sugar-free confectioners such as Asher’s, Bazooka, Go Lightly, Simply Sugar Free, Sweet N’ Low, and many others
  • sugar-free cookies - our old favorite Sweet N’ Low, and Sorbees new Gourmet Cookies.
  • large selection of gourmet desserts
  • sugar-free jams, fruit sauces, coffee syrups, toppings, barbecue sauces
  • The highest quality low-sodium and high-protein products. Search this section for the hard-to-find and unique product offerings. They're all right here at your finger tips. . .

Snack Exchange has sugar-free candy, sugar-free chocolates, snacks & more! Also dried Fruit, nuts & healthy snacks.

At the Diabetic Drug Store you'll find diabetic foods, sugar free candy, sugar free cookies, sugar free cake mixes, sugar free chocolate - every thing for the diabetic diet - even gift baskets!

Sugarless Shoppe offers sugar-free products with the diabetic in mind. Not natural sugars, but at least not refined white sugar. Excellent selection, good prices.

The Grain & Salt Society finally a source for grain-sweetened chocolate chips! They're more expensive than the health food store, but when I'm in a remote area & want to make chocolate chip cookies it's worth it. They also have a wide variety of other hard to find ingredients.

Nature's Flavors ~ It's Snowcone Season!! All Splenda-Sweetened Syrups ~ Only $5.99/quart ~
Large selection of high quality, natural, & organic baking ingredients. Everything in their Flavors section (except the flavor syrups) are available sugar free. Finally a source for flavored syrups for my coffee! They even have sugar-free coloring for frostings. Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. Any order over $30 qualifies for a free flavor, fragrance, or oil. The flavored syrups available thru their site contain high fructose corn syrup. If you want sugar free syrups you must e-mail them with your request. Even then, they use a chemical sweetener so you may prefer to order the flavoring oils & add your own sweetener.

 Foods: where to find near you
Sunspire organic chocolates with natural sugars. This link is to their ingredients page. Don't bother going to the "Where To Buy Our Products" page, it just tells you that most natural foods stores carry their products. As of yet they're not providing on-line ordering, but their products are worth doing a little leg work for.

Green & Black's Many diabetic customers say that Green & Black's, because of its low overall sugar content, is more suitable for them than fructose or sorbitol-sweetened chocolate, which can cause digestive problems. The Glycemic Index measures how much a food elevates a person's blood sugar levels. Glucose syrup has a glycemic index of 100, white bread = 70, brown rice = 50, lentils = 30, Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate measures up at only 22. Sorry Yanks, Green & Black's is available only in the U.K.

Nasoya their mayo is egg-free, sugar-free, low fat, & delicious. Perfect for picnics (you don't have to worry about the raw egg spoiling, perfect for vegans (no egg), perfect for diabetics  (no refined sweetener) ... it's well, just perfect.

Tofurky - all right, when you stop laughing take a look at this site. Even if there's not a store near you they have some very good & non-traditional recipes for tempeh.

Better than Milk Free Soy and Rice Powder

Natural Sensation Free Vegetarian Products and Catalogue - Canada and US Only

Free flaxseed sample

Tomato/Cucumber Recipe Book from Ontario Greenhouse

Captain Jack Coffee Free Sample - US Only

Free Lemonade Recipes The brand spanking new 2001 version of one of last year's most popular free H&B eBooks is now available for viewing and/or downloading.

Chef Paul's free food samples & cookbook Send a U.S.self-addressed stamped envelope with ($.55 postage) to 1019 Delcambre Rd. Breaux Bridge, La. 70517 and they'll send you a sample of Bruci's Blend Zydeco Seasoning and a Bon Manger cookbook.

Traditional Medicinals You may request a sample pack of some of their popular teas by filling out the form at their website or by calling 1-800-FREE-TEA (1-800-373-3832).

Free Watkins Gourmet Samples Packet

    vegetarian vegan food groceries meatless organic Vita Soy Recipe Collection, search by meal, diet, ingredient, or dish.

vegetarian vegan food groceries meatless organic The Vegan Kitchen has a nice collection of recipes - each one is available in a printable 'text only' version too.


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