Cotton Balls to the Rescue

AsĀ  you all know I don’t like to throw anything away. The thing is, I cannot find enough things to do with all the cotton I collect (in a pretty glass apothecary jar) from vitamin bottles, medication bottles, etc. Well this tip is guaranteed to make me glad I saved all those cotton balls.

Protect your rubber gloves from being split by sharp fingernails by pushing a piece of cotton into the tip of each finger. Toss the cotton when it gets wet.

Save on Beauty Products

I enjoy trying new skincare products and sometimes I end up with something that for one reason or another doesn’t work for me. Instead of discarding it I will repurpose it or add a simple ingredient that makes it work for me. This method has worked so well that I now use my simple ingredients to save money on beauty products or to get turn one product into a multi-use product.

Aloe Vera juice or gel is an anti-inflammatory plant-based product that does wonders for skin all on its own. Add it to products that are too thick or heavy until you get the desired texture not only have you saved money but you’ve added an ingredient that is extremely beneficial for your skin.

If you’d like your product even thinner added cooled herb tea. You may need to shake it each time you use it.

You can soften harsh cleansers by adding honey, which is anti-bacterial; aloe vera gel, which is anti-inflammatory, or olive or macadamia oils which are moisturizing.

You could add a little honey to facial and body products as well, but I prefer to play it safe and stick to aloe vera and herb teas with products that stay on my face or body all day. Who wants to risk attracting flies with the honey?

These methods will keep you from wasting money as you search for skincare and bath products, and you can save even more money by extending the life of your existing products. Of course, if you’re allergic or sensitive to any products, discard them immediately or pass them on to a friend with less sensitive skin.

Check out for your health & beauty products:


Recycled Prescription Bottles

Use empty prescription bottles to:

  • store cotton swabs for travel, the beach or pool
  • carry quarters for toll roads and laundromat
  • carry vitamins when you’re away from home
  • portion out high-calorie treats & keep them from being crushed in your purse

The ideas below are courtesy of pinkcollargal:

  • Mini-Sewing Kit: pins, needle, safety pins, buttons
  • carry Stevia tabs and/or other sugar substitutes in your purse
  • store vegetable and flower seeds

Need more than a prescription bottle?