10 Ways to Use Pantyhose With a Run in Them

  1. headband
  2. ponytail holder
  3. soap sliver holder that can be used in the shower
  4. Teflon-safe pan scrubber that can also hold soap
  5. gentle scrubber for dusty candles
  6. strainer for a can of paint
  7. a free pair of Spanx
  8. stuffing for a scented sachet
  9. holder and dispenser for plastic grocery bags
  10. keep dirt from falling throught the hole at bottom of a plant pot

Book Tables

You’ve heard of coffee table books, you probably have a few adorning your own coffee table. Well after staring at a stack of books that I’d read many times it occurred to me that the stack was the perfect height for a coffee table. So I hot glued each book to the next, made several stacks, and had myself a book stack coffee table.

I finished mine off with a tray but you could also place a piece of glass over your book stacks. The end result can look contemporary, oriental, country, traditional, Victorian … well you get the idea, depending on what types of books you use. 


Easy End Table

Use the same idea as for the coffee table but stack your books to use as an end table. Since this is just one stack, even gluing them together won’t be super sturdy so you may want to use the directions below for a sturdy table.


How to Make a Sturdy Book Table

Use a wooden dowel or straight branch that is shorter than the stack of books by ½ the width of both the top and bottom books. Drill a hole through the center of each book (except the top and bottom books) that’s just a hair larger than the dowel. Drill the same size hole ½ way through the top and bottom books. Squirt glue into the bottom book’s hole. Insert the dowel. Spread glue around the one or two inches of the dowel that is sticking out of the top of the book and slide on the next book. Continue gluing and sliding on books until you come to the top book. Squirt glue into the hole in the top book and slide onto the dowel. I like to use these end tables in spaces where I need somewhere to rest a coffee cup but there isn’t enough space for a larger table.

The cool thing about this method is that you don’t have to worry about where the holes line up from  book to book as long as they’re roughly in the middle of each book. A slightly askew stack of books is charming.

Scented Powder

You can make your own scented powder by mixing equal parts baby powder or cornstarch and expired baking soda in a gallon size resealable bag. Then spray your favorite perfume on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball into the bag. After two or three days, you can transfer your new scented powder into a more permanent powder container. 

Ideas for a powder container:

  • an old powder container
  • a washed grated Parmesan cheese container
  • any container which you’ve punched or drilled small holes in the lid


New Uses For Tired Vinyl Tablecloths

A few months ago I decided that I never wanted to use another vinyl tablecloth. I’d rather use cloth ones and bite the bullet when it comes to doing the laundry. Being an Irish gal raised by an Irish mother and grandmother though, there was no way I was just going to toss my vinyl tablecloths in the trash can. Tag along as I look for ways to use my vinyl tablecloths …

Diaper Changing Pad

Click this image for the tute.I especially like this idea because if the changing pad gets so yucky that wiping it off is no longer an option I wouldn’t have any qualms about just tossing it.

Smashed Peas And Carrots Diaper Pad Tutorial





Children’s Art Center

A vinyl tablecloth is idea to cover the floor when the kiddos are working on a messy art project.


Plant Doilies

Cut circles from your vinyl tablecloth that are slightly bigger than your flower pots. These are great for protecting your floors and furniture from any moisture. Bonus – your new doilies will keep the pots from sticking to the surface they’re resting on.

Shelf & Drawer Liners

Cut your tablecloth to fit shelves and drawers for pretty liners with a little extra cushion, perfect for storing breakable items.


Patio Pillows

Cut your tablecloth and stitch or tape to make covers for your existing patio furniture pillows.


Car Protector

Keep a vinyl tablecloth in your car for when you’re transporting pets, wet and/or sandy children, plants …


Beach Totes

Cut and stitch or tape into custom-sized beach totes. Easy to clean and easy to toss out when they get too gross.


Card Table Cover

If you have an old card table with a top that’s seen some wear and tear you can cut and glue a vinyl tablecloth to the top to make a pretty new card table.


If you have any other ideas for using a vinyl tablecloth please comment below.